AT News


4 March 2007: Parents to Prison

27 January 2006: Parents Go Free After Starving Adoptees

20 January 2006: USA Today Exposes AT Underground

16 January 2006: Convicted AT Parent in Prison: Plea for House Arrest Fails

12 January 2006: Mental Health Profession Condemns Attachment Therapy

23 December 2005: Mother Found Guilty in Death of Adopted Daughter

4 October 2005: Attachment Therapy Parenting Cited at Murder Trial

31 August 2005: Mercer Publishes on Medscape

26 August 2005: NASW Resolves to Oppose Restraint as Therapy

13 December 2004: Utah Attachment Therapist Dies In Car Crash

1 December 2004: Deseret Draws Picture (Literally) of Attachment Therapy

2 September 2004: Child Abuse in Two Huge Tennessee Families Investigated

3 July 2004: Utah ATers Using SLAPP Tactic to Silence Critic

16 June 2004: “Focus on Family” Drops AT Book; “Bay Area Skeptics” Article on Attachment Therapy; What’s the Latest Excuse for Abusing Kids with “Holding Therapy”?

15 June 2004: Colorado Moves to Restrict Attachment Therapy

26 May 2004: Matthey Trial Ends

15 May 2004: Taking His Licks: Colorado Attachment Therapist Disciplined, Again

14 May 2004: Scientific American Exposes AT to Wide Audience

23 April 2004: Utah AT Advocates Fail to Keep Website Down

1 March 2004: Cattle Prod Therapy: “Aversive Interventions”

21 January 2004: New Website Fighting AT

9 December 2003: The Jackson Four: The Appearance of AT Parenting

26 November 2003: Margaret Singer Dies; Denver’s John Dicke Delicensed

5 September 2003: Attachment Therapist’s Appeal Denied [Watkins]

30 August 2003: Not “Respectful, Responsible and Fun to Be With”? Leading Attachment Therapist “Researcher” Cancelled [Randolph]

8 August 2003: Dead Child’s Attachment Therapist in Crosshairs [Reber]

2 August 2003: Demo of “Holding Therapy”; North Carolina bans “rebirthing”

25 July 2003: Therapist Wants New Trial to Establishing Efficacy of “Holding Therapy” with Testimony from Happy Parents [Watkins]

30 May 2003: New Book Examines AT [Attachment Therapy on Trial]

9 May 2003: Attachment Therapist’s Care Found “Substandard” for Using Dildos in Therapy [Dicke]
10 March 2003: Restraint Bill Fails in Utah [HB5]

31 January 2003: A Famous Victory in Utah! [HB5]; Frontline Documentary Airs [Logan Marr]

5 December 2002: Holders Fold! [Cascade]

4 December 2002: Utah Quacks Have the Ball, But Not for Long! [Cascade]

1 November 2002: AT Gets Nasty in Utah [HB5]

13 October 2002: Houston Press on AT

1 October 2002: Bipolar Foundation Warning

21 September 2002: Utah Therapists in Hot Water [Cascade]; Utah Restraint Bill in the News [HB5]

18 September 2002: Myrick Resolution Passes House [HCR435]; Rosa Awarded the S.P.I.T.

17 September 2002: Charges in Utah Death [Killpack]

13 August 2002: Rep. Stafford Tries to Eat Her Young [Colorado]